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Click here to view larger versionJAKE JOSEFSON - ACTOR 

Does your casting breakdown call for a BIG guy with a unique look?  Are you looking for an actor that has 'presence'?   If so, I am 6-feet 5-inches tall and weigh in at 290-pounds with a deep, pleasant voice.

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If you double left-click on my headshot, you will open a full-sized version that can be printed, if desired (File menu, Print). Be aware though, that the image is quite large and may take a little while to load, depending on your connection speed.

If your computer is multimedia-capable, you can listen to a short (8-seconds) voice introduction by selecting one of the below audio formats. Either format will take about 20-seconds to load to your computer, depending on your Internet connection, so please be patient.

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Thanks for visiting. I welcome your comments on this site. Is it easy to use? Do the pages load okay? Can you suggest improvements? Does the site convey what I'm about?

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