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Click here to view larger versionThis page is the launch point for my photo galleries. I'm constantly adding more pictures so check back from time to time.


If you double left-click on my color image to the left, you will open a full-sized version of that color image that can be printed, if desired (File menu, Print). Please be aware that the image is quite large and may take a little while to load, depending on your connection speed.

Officer Welch in Neil Simon's "RUMORS"

Something-Something-Snetsky, the shepherd in Neil Simon's "FOOLS"

E.F. Lofgren, the cab driver in "HARVEY"

Lenny in Steinbeck's "OF MICE AND MEN"

Sir Peter Teazle in Sheridan's "SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL"

The town magistrate in an original production of "DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE"

Prison convict in the feature film "Jersey Justice"

An original film by Astro entitled "FLIMSY TOAD PAPER"

An original film by Brilliant Productions entitled  "ELEVATOR" (external site)

Various assorted characters

Some personal photos


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