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Drawing copyright 2002 Sean Quinn

Does your casting breakdown call for a BIG guy with a very unique and imposing look? 




Are you looking for an experienced character actor that has 'presence'?

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I was once asked at an audition: "What do you want to get out of acting?". I'd like to share my answer with you: I have no aspirations or desires to be a 'star'. I simply would like to be a working character actor, the face you've seen many times in the movies or on TV but you really don't know (or care about) their name. I am well aware that with my look and age, I am not and never will be 'leading-man' material and that's fine with me. I make an effort to be a 'chameleon' by using different looks (via makeup), characterizations and voices. In my mind, that will further me toward my goal. I don't mind (and actually enjoy) playing the bad guy, S.O.B. the guy you would love to punch-out or get by the neck or the not-quite-normal odd-ball.

So, if you're here looking for a leading man, let me save you some time by paraphrasing something heard in the business way too often... "NEXT...".

LATEST NEWS - Spring 2005

Things have been kind of quiet of late but in April, I auditioned for and was called back for a Comcast commercial. The character was an in-store TV salesman.

June 23 - Shot commercial spot for EB Games as "Honest Bill" the Can Guy. You just have to catch the commercial to understand.


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